Pascal VECCA

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Since 2006, Pascal VECCA has known a growing success following his tour where he particularly enchanted the Parisian public at the Alhambra and the Sentier des Halles and the release of his first album “Vu de haut” ("View from the top") - a composition of jazzy swing songs. 

On his travels, which have taken him all over France and many other places, his route crossed that of Charles Aznavour and Michel Fugain. He performed during the first part of a superb concert given by Olivia Ruiz in front of more than 20 000 people and he won the prestigious award “Distinction René Coll” at the Festival La Rose d’Or 2010.
Today, he has decided to concentrate on his true love - crooning - and with this style of music which suits him so well, accompanied by excellent musicians, he will soon be delighting us with his charisma and deep warm voice …. much to our greatest pleasure!

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