15th February 2018
Back in Germany !
Pascal VECCA is back in Germany ! This time, he accepted the invitation of his friend Jan Ullman - who will accompany him to the piano - for a short performance (20 minutes) at the Song Café in Emmendingen (Germany) on Sunday 11 March. He will share the stage with two other artists/groups.

Originality : this event takes place in the morning, between 11am and 1pm, with the possibility of having a brunch on site from 10am.

Free entry. Booking is recommended.

Pascal vecca at song cafe

10th November 2017
Logoeuropapark 300End of an awesome season
Here it is, the last musical show "Let's celebrate Rock'n'Roll" took place on November 5th.

Of these 500 performances in nearly 7 months, Pascal VECCA will keep in memory an extremely rich experience, beautiful moments of sharing with the audience and amazing artistic collaborations.

Photos : Michael Gartmann, Ralph Duffner, Bernhard Rein


Pascal vecca ep 2         Pascal vecca ep

Pascal vecca ep 3

Pascal vecca ep 1

Pascal vecca ep team

10th October 2017
Logoeuropapark 300A new winter season at Europa Park !
Pascal VECCA extends his collaboration with Europa Park.
Indeed, he will be back on the stage of the Globe Theatre in the show "Ein musikalischer Weihnachtsmarkt".

Find him on stage from November 25 to January 7.

He will also be on the stage of the Hotel Colosseo for the "BAR SHOW", solo (22:00-22:30), for a journey to the land of the greatest crooners.
Dates : 24, 25 November, 2, 8, 9, 16, 23, 28, 30 December, 3, 6 January


12th May 2017
Watch the new Pascal VECCA's video !
A new video is on YouTube. It's a cover of the Tom Jones's famous song "She's A Lady".
If you like it, so thank you to share it and write a comment ! ;-)

10th May 2017
Pascal VECCA in Europa Park in the press
On May 7th, the French newspaper DNA (Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace) have devoted two articles (one in the Regional edition, the other in the Haguenau edition) to Pascal VECCA, highlighting his acclaimed performances in the show "Let's celebrate Rock'n'Roll", played currently and until November at the Europa Park's Globe Theater. They also come back on its news in recent months.

Article dna haguenau 060517

Article dna re gion 060517Une dna 060517 copie

2nd March 2017
Logoeuropapark 300Pascal VECCA is back in Europa Park in 2017 !
It's official ! After 2 months spent on the Globe Theater's stage in Europa Park for the Winter season show, Pascal has accepted a new contract by the best theme park in the world this time for the Summer season.

He is delighted with this new adventure !

You will find him on stage from April 29 to November 5.



Img 7595

Img 7588

21th December 2016
Buy your tickets for our next show

You want to know everything about the crooners, where are they from, who they are, so come and see Pascal VECCA and his musicians, on the stage of EPôle Culturel de Drusenheim (67) on Friday 10th February 2017 (20:00).

With Erwin Siffer (piano), Yannick Eichert (guitar), Pilou Wurtz (contrabass), Romain Schmitt (drums), Ray Halbeisen (saxophone).

15€ full rate, 12€ pre-sale until 21st January, 6€ for kids under 12.

Booking : Pôle Culturel de Drusenheim' website

28th October 2016
Banniere ea16Get your tickets for our next show
Espace Athic in Obernai (Fr) on Tuesday 8th November 2016 (20:30).

With Erwin Siffer (piano), Yannick Eichert (guitar), Pilou Wurtz (contrabass), Romain Schmitt (drums), Ray Halbeisen (saxophone).

More information on our Facebook page and on Espace Athic's website.

18th October 2016
Logoeuropapark 300Pascal VECCA sings at Europa Park !
Pascal will play in th enext Christmas musical in the well-known German park Europa Park (Best theme park in the world for the last 3 years).

He will perform with other talented artists every day from 26th November to 15th January at the Globe Theatre, located in the British quarter of the park.

14th July 2016
Pascal VECCA sings every anthems of the Football Euro 2016 !
Pascal has just achieved a real feat, unique in Europe !
A netizen threw him a crazy challenge at the start of Euro 2016 : to interpret all the national anthems before the final on July 10 !


For 25 days non-stop, Pascal learned every song and posted almost daily a video on YouTube.

To discover the videos of all the hymns, country by country, visit his YouTube channel.

The day of the final, he was keen to perform all the anthems A CAPPELLA in front of the headquarters of THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE (Strasbourg, France).
The singer explains his performance by his attachment to Europe and its various origins (Italian, Polish, and German). He also intends to showcase Strasbourg, the European capital, and greet the course of every teams of the Euro 2016, not just the two finalists.

Here is his amazing performance !

On July 7, the day of the semi finale France vs Allemagne, he was invited to perform La Marseillaise, the French anthem, at Zénith de Strasbourg in front of 10 000 football fans.
Here watch this impressive moment !

ALSO WATCH : France 3 Alsace TV report about Pascal's exploit.

20th April 2016
Pascal VECCA sings with the Slettos Big Band

Our crooner has accepted the invitation by the excellent Slettos Big Band (17 musicians, directed by Ray Halbeisen).
The two great shows will take place on 22 and 24 April in Châtenois (see below).
Pascal will perform more than 10 songs extracted from his own show Tribute to the Crooners.

Diapositive1 7

31st March 2016
Watch a new video of the amazing show in Place Kléber, Strasbourg

February 16th 2016
Some pictures of the concert at Würth Museum in Erstein

Pascal vecca 8

Pascal vecca 3

Pascal vecca 9

Pascal vecca 4

January 13th 2016
Photos of concert in Bolquère Pyrénées 2000

Bolque re pascal vecca 1

Bolquere pascal vecca 2

Diapositive1 6

The band (left to right) : Yannick Eichert (guitar), Alexandra Alleon (guest singer), Pascal VECCA (crooner), Romain Schmitt (drums), Pilou Wurtz (bass), Erwin Siffer (keyboard) e Ray Halbeisen (saxophone, flute)

17 octobre 2015
VIDEO : Pascal VECCA performs the French and Ukrainian national anthems live on TV !

Match FRANCE-UKRAINE Under 21 10/13/2015
Stade de la Meinau (Strasbourg)
TV Images : D17

July 25th 2015

Some pictures of Place Kléber concert in Strasbourg on July 13th in front of 2 500 spectators
(Photos : Arnaud Delrieu)

Diapositive1 5


July 2nd 2015
Pascal VECCA, one of the "Voices for freedom".
Pascal will be on tour throughout Alsace with "Voices for freedom" during the summer.

Tounee voix de la liberte

July 1st 2015
Great live concert Place KLEBER in Strasbourg on 13th July

Pascal vecca place kleber

With : Erwin Siffer (keyboard), Yannick Eichert (guitar), Pilou Wurtz (contrabass), Romain Schmitt (drums), Christophe Fourmaux (saxophone), Ray Halbeisen (saxophone), Maxime Luck (saxophone), Frédéric Bocquel (trompet), Jean Lucas (trombone)

April 14th 2015
Some extracts from the show

A new video is online with a compilation of songs extracted from the live.

March 12th 2015
Pascal VECCA talks about his beginnings on an intimate interview.

19 février 2015
A video of the concert in Zénith Strasbourg
Here is a beautiful Alain Souchon's song that Pascal VECCA sings with Aelle and Sabrina Rauch during the concert the band "Pour ne pas oublier Charlie" in Zénith Strasbourg. Video : Gabriel Goubet (France 3 Alsace)

16 février 2015
A few images of the concert "
Liberté de penser - Die Gedanken sind frei" in Zénith Strasbourg
On February 8th, the Alsacian artists, including Pascal VECCA, gathered to sing « Not to forget Charlie »,
for an impressive concert in Zénith Strasbourg, in front of 4 000 spectators.

Musicians, including some of the Strasbourg's Philharmonic Orchestra, 80 choristers and draughtmen were also on stage.

Concert lib capt 48


Concert lib capt 61






















Concert lib capt 72


Concert lib capt 67






















Images 2

Pascal VECCA sings for Charlie on February 8th (
Zenith Strasbourg)

The concert will be broadcast live on France 3 Alsace TV from 14:30.

Watch the video clip here.

Concert zenith 8 fevrier



55a9ef95 2b57 4e5e 8319 820fd9f3beff02.02.2015
Pascal VECCA on radio

Pascal will be interviewed live on Friday 13th February on RBS (91.9 Bas-Rhin) from 10:00 to 11:00 ("Merci service")


Happy new year  !

Wishes 2015 pascal vecca 1


Le Jazz band21.12.2014
Big concert in Le Point d'eau in Ostwald on 20 January (19:30)

Pascal VECCA will sing on Le Point d'eau's stage (Ostwald-FR) for the opening of the cultural annual program. 
An exceptionnal concert ! He will be accompanied by a band of 9 musicians among the best ones in Alsace.
Some other surprises are also expected.

With :
Erwin Siffer (keyboard)
Yannick Eichert (guitar)
Roland Grob (contrabass)
Romain Schmitt (drums)
Michael Alizon (saxophone)
Franck Wolf (saxophone)
Laurent Wolf (saxophone)
Serge Haessler (trompet)
Pascal Beck (trombone)

See Pascal VECCA's TV interview about the show :

***Free entrance with reservation only !!! ***

Information & reservations :
+33 3 88 30 17 17

Adress :
Le Point d'Eau
17, allée René Cassin

Images 120.06.2014
The album "Les Crooners à l'honneur" now available for downloading on the web
Click on the player below.
To order the CD, go to store.

Une de platine09.05.2014
An article about the album "Les Crooners à l'honneur" in the national magazine Platine !

Platine n 198 


Strasbourg magazine09.05.2014
Strasbourg Magazine also talks about Pascal VECCA

Article strasbourg magazine avr mai 2014


Infos mag haguenau02.05.2014
... and an article in "Haguenau Infos Mag" (May-June 2014)


Article ville de haguenau



Pascal 324.04.2014
The city of Haguenau dedicates a portrait of Pascal VECCA on video ...


Listen to Pascal VECCA's interview on France Bleu

Click here to start the podcast


France3 alsace 200823.02.2014
"La voix royale", TV report on France 3 Alsace dedicated to Pascal VECCA




February 19 Concert-meeting at Librairie Kléber (Salle blanche) in Strasbourg

Interviewed by Pierre Bardet, Pascal VECCA will have the pleasure to present and autograph his new live album "Les Crooners à l'honneur" released on February 1st.
He will offer an intimate short concert, accompanied by Erwin Siffer (keyboards) and Michael Alizon (saxophone).



Melody fond blanc12.02.2014
The new album on Télé Mélody  

Click here to read the article.



1480 29010.02.2014
Pascal VECCA on Radio Liberté on 11th February  

Pascal is going to be on Radio Liberté (91.5 FM Haguenau) Tuesday 11th February 2014 (10:00). 




800px alsace 20 logo 2013

Pascal VECCA on TV Channel Alsace20

Pascal VECCA was interviewed by Lionel Augier to talk about the release of his new album





Diapositive1 229.01.2014
Next radio interviews 

Pascal VECCA will be invited on :


RBS (91.9 FM) Thursday 30.01 (21:00)
Open'Arts Show, au Coin du Wilson in Strasbourg 

Fréquence Verte (92.8 FM) Wednesday 05.02 betw. 17:00 to 18:00.
Broadcast with Jacky Kuhn

France Bleu Alsace (101.4 FM) Saturday 22.02 betw. 14:00 to 15:00
Note in blue show, with François Pinganaud


Pascal VECCA at Librairie Kléber on 19.02

Meeting with Pascal VECCA at Librairie Kléber (Salle Blanche) in Strasbourg

Wednesday 19.02  18:30


Pascal will have the pleasure to present and dedicate his new album "Les Crooners à l'honneur".
He will play some songs, accompagnied by Erwin Siffer (keyboard) et Michael Alizon (saxophone).


New album available on 01.02.2014

We have the pleasure to let you know that the new Pascal Vecca's live album, "Les Crooners à l'honneur", is going to be released on February 1st 2014

It will be available at the new Store of this website.

Meanwhile, you can watch a new video of Pascal VECCA, singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", during the launch of the Christmas lights in Strasbourg (France), which has attracted around 25 000 people (interview : Pierre Bardet).



The new live album is coming soon

The release date of the live album "Les Crooners à l'honneur" will be known in a few days.

Meanwhile, you can already listen to some extracts of this new Pascal VECCA's album.
You could purchase it in the new "Tribute to the Crooners" Store very soon.


968 bonne annee 2014 une annee placee 959x0 1 300x19901.01.2014
Happy new year 2014 !

Pascal VECCA and his team wish you a happy new year !




Pascal VECCA sing for the Russian Ambassador to UNESCO in Paris

Pascal VECCA gave a private concert in duet with the pianist Laurent Epstein for Eleonora Mitrofanova, Russian Ambassador to UNESCO. The numerous guests have particularly appreciated the intimate performance of the crooner.




Pascal VECCA09.12.2013 
Féérie de Noël 2013 in Strasbourg : New pictures

Discover new photos of Pascal VECCA at "Féerie de Noël", Kléber Square in Strasbourg (France), with Sylvie Vartan and The Gospel Kids.




Pascal 104.12.2013 
A magical evening

Last Friday, Pascal VECCA sang his version of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen in front of 25 000 people, gathered to attend the launch of the Christmas lights in Strasbourg (France). A great emotional and magical moment. Were also on stage the French star Sylvie Vartan and the Gospel Kids.



Pascal20 novembre 2013 
Pascal VECCA sing for the launch of Christmas illuminations in Strasbourg on 29.11

Pascal VECCA will be on stage Place Kléber (Strasbourg) for the launch of Christmas illuminations, with the French star Sylvie Vartan, on November 29th  (18:30).



Dinner-show at Casino Barrière in Blotzheim on 20.09

Booking is open for the special dinner-show at Casino Barrière in Blotzheim (France) on Friday September 20th (19:15)
More details on Casinos Barriere website.



Grande10 juillet 2013
Pascal VECCA at "la Grande Braderie de Strasbourg", Saturday July 27th, Kléber Square in Strasbourg

Pascal VECCA will perform at "la Grande Braderie de Strasbourg", Saturday July 27th, Kléber Square 

Other guests : Laura Strubel, Miss Alsace 2013 ; Roger Siffer, Jean-Pierre Schlagg, Virgine Schaeffer, Jean-Claude Bader, Patricia Weller alias Marlyse Riegensthiel, Marc Keller, Nicolas Rieffel and Ilham, Matskat, Jean-Marie Arrus, l’orchestre alsacien Perle.




quintet.jpg19 juillet 2013 
The new video presentation of the show is online



Pascal VCCA28.05.2013 
A new article in Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

A new article in Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace (May 26th).




Pascal VCCA 


Pascal VECCA23 mai 2013 
6 000 euros for "Vaincre la mucoviscidose"

A full house last night at the Haguenau theater, very good waves on stage and 6,000 euros raised for the association "Vaincre la mucoviscidose" (Defeat the mucoviscidosis)". Thanks  to the audience and Danièle Ambos, President of the Kiwanis Club for the quality of the organization of this exceptional evening gala.


Pascal Vecca live on France Bleu Alsace on 16.05

Pascal Vecca live on France Bleu Alsace (10:50) with 
Isabelle Chalaye.




Theatre Haguenau

Back to Haguenau Theater

Just a few months after a memorable concert, Pascal and his musicians have the pleasure to come back on the Haguenau theater on Wednesday, May 22. 
This exceptional gala is organized by Kiwanis Haguenau in favor of the association "Vaincre la mucoviscidose".
We expect many of you to support this great cause !


Logo red20.03.2013 
Pascal VECCA on Radio Eurodistrict

Pascal VECCA on Eurodistrict Radio --> Click here to listen to the interview


France3 alsace 200814.02.2013
France 3 TV Report : "Pascal VECCA sings the anthems" 

Discover France 3 TV Report on Pascal VECCA about his singing performance at the match France-Germany (women's football) at Meinau Stadium in Strasbourg.





4445379 d8 620x0 113.02.2013
France-Germany : Pascal VECCA perfoms the national anthems 

Pascal VECCA performs the national anthems at the match France-Germany (women's football), in front of 16,000 spectators at Meinau Stadium (Strasbourg), broadcast live on Eurosport Germany and the French channel D8.















Pascal VECCA and the German national team (Photo: LAFA)